New Water Cooler Benefits Office Design, Charity Work

11 July 2012

Water for Life offers a brand new alternative to traditional spring water coolers and dispensers. Elegant design and great hygiene are emphasized on this unique water cooler, where 10 % of sales profits are donated to international projects for cleaner water.


Scandinavian, streamlined design
Water for Life coolers are designed by the internationally acclaimed Henning Larsen Architects and manufactured by Vestfrost Solutions.


The water cooler is designed to be an integral part of office decorating with an optional LCD screen that provides a unique way to display information or ads. The coolers are available in 4 colors: silver, dark grey, red and cream white. 


Sustainable and clean Bag-in-Box concept
Traditional water coolers have received heavy criticism in various news media for bacterial growth and build-up of other harmful substances. Water for Life now offers a dispenser that serves clean, quality water with respect of the environment.


Water is kept shielded from light, air and contamination due to the hygienic and bacteria-free Bag-in-Box carton packaging. Bacteria formation is eliminated in the dispense system, which is replaced every time a new Bag-in-Box is inserted.


Cups and Bag-in-Box cartons are made from recyclable materials, and can be disposed along with domestic waste. 


Benefitting humanitarian work for clean drinking water
A Water for Life cooler also speaks directly to the socially responsible consumer. 10 % of profits are donated to international humanitarian projects with focus on clean drinking water in third world countries. A donation barometer on the Water-for-Life website shows just how much is passed on to benefit the cause.


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